The Pledge

Occasionally I will take some time to jot down my thoughts in comments to other blogs or news sites.  Since I have this forum as well I figured I may as well copy those writings here to have a repository for the knick knacks that clutter up my attic.  Rather than waste a lot of space with the full posts to which I have replied, I’ll give a brief topic summary and a link to the original.

On the Pledge of Allegiance:

Taking a slight left at Albuquerque, while we’re talking about changing the Pledge of Allegiance why not change some of the other language as well?  Rather than pledging our unswerving loyalty to a flag and a Government, why don’t we pledge our allegiance to one another instead?  Enforcing a pledge of loyalty from its citizenry is a sign of insecurity in any government.  I would rather that Congress, the President and all public servants start their day with a Pledge of Allegiance to the individuals they are honored to serve than my daughter start her day blindly backing an often corrupt State.  I propose the following alternative pledge and encourage anyone required to start their day with their hand over their heart to give it a try:

I pledge commitment to my fellow man who walks with me in the journey of life and to the potential that we might reach, one nation formed of friends with liberty and justice for all.  (So say we all. grin.)
Perhaps our children might then be able to discuss their political views without shouting at each other.  Just a thought.


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