I’m Not Fat, I’m Just…

…allergic to everything except Doritos and Mountain Dew.

…King Size.

…really fat looking.

…full of marshmallow goodness.

…fatter than you.  Go eat a sandwich you skinny bastard.

…dating your sister.

…suffering from “puffy bone disease”.

…really good at denial.

…getting ready for a growth spurt.

For the past few years I have been jotting down random t-shirt design ideas with the thought of some day turning those ideas into a business.  I have a few different series rolling around in my head, the above being one of my favorites.  The last one above was inspired by my 4 week old daughter, whom I have already seen go through a major increase in feeding followed by a noticeable change in size.  In the past couple of days she has started this process again (thank God I am not one of my wife’s nipples!) and watching her has given me some food for thought.

All growth requires massive amounts of energy.  As I watch my daughter I realize that if I am to grow then I need to make sure that I am feeding richly and drinking deeply as well.  I need to take some time to consider what I am taking in and there is no time like the present.  I have an appointment this week with a nutritionist to go over how I can lower my cholesterol, which is a bit high.  While I am considering how to cut the fat out of my diet, I am also challenged to take a close look at what I am reading and watching as well.

So I am going to try to make some intellectual strides this year as well as emotional.  This will be the year that I finally read the non-fiction I have collected instead of re-reading my favorite novels.  I will spend less time watching TV and more time engaging in debate online.  If I am going to grow up, I need nourishment.  I need more than the same old diet of overcooked ideas that are nothing but mush.  It’s time that I developed my intellectual teeth and paused to consider that I might do better than to settle for merely being entertained.


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