Blogging, take 2

So I started a blog not that long ago ( and after a few entries realized that it wasn’t quite Me.  So I am re-booting (already?) to a format that is a bit more comfortable that I hope will still challenge me and provide both the outlet and inlet that I am looking for by engaging in this whole process.

What’s a three wire guy?  It means I like things to be straightforward and simple, even though they rarely are.  It’s about sorting through the extraneous BS in myself and the world around me to find the stuff that actually makes things work.  It is part of my personality and part of who I strive to be.  It’s also a line from the new MacGruber movie trailer, which may give you some insight into what weasels its way into my neural net.

What will you find here?  Largely I chose to start a blog as something of a public journal, my thoughts on being a new dad, a newlywed and new to a career all at the same time.  The thing is, I’ve spent too many years writing parody songs, stand-up comedy routines, rants on current events, poetry, bits if stories and t-shirt slogans not to share some of that as well.  Throw in a healthy dose of sports talk and unabashed geekery and you’ve got the basic recipe for the jambalaya-esque nature of this blog.  Keep in mind though, when I cook the recipe depends largely on what’s in the fridge so keep a sharp eye on left field.

If you read my other blog, thanks for the memories, that was a pretty sweet fortnight we had together.  If not, well, that’s not very surprising really.




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